North City Congress was established in 1963. During its first decade, North City Congress represented a federation of more than 50 community based groups that were determined to effect social change. Today, North City Congress’ primary mission is to “support older adults in their quest to remain independent, nurture and share their talents and interests, live healthy lives and remain active and engaged members of their community”.  North City Congress provides high quality, community-based aging services through our North Broad Street Senior Center (NBSC) and In-Home Support Program (IHSP).

North City Congress works to enhance the continuum of care for older adults, expand health and support services in the community and strengthen the access to home-based services to keep older adults safe and independent.

Mission Statement

The mission of North City Congress (NCC) is to support and enhance the well-being of adults 60 years and older, with particular attention to low-income residents in North Philadelphia whose need and interest arise from a sense of isolation, functional or cognitive disabilities and/or challenges in meeting basic needs in order to continue to live independently at home. NCC further helps community based organizations, particularly those in the area, serving children and youth who need fiscal and administrative assistance.

North City Congress Hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.